About Us

PROPBIZZ, a leading property player based in Pune, is built on a legacy of tradition and is driven by the verve and vigor of dynamic personalities. We are dedicated to providing premium property solutions designed for the 21st century and are committed to exceed customers’ expectations.

Featuring the latest amenities and the most modern designs, we focus on delivering luxurious lifestyle options that are suited to your requirements. With the perfect property options, PROPBIZZ has been a welcome part of many new beginnings and hopes to be a part of yours as well.


We are on a mission to enhance the associations we partner with; while operating in an ethical and socially conscious manner


To be a recognized leader in the Property Management industry in Pune City; while maintaining our authentic level of service founded on basic core values of integrity and partnership

Our Team

Propbizz is one of the best platforms for buying and renting properties. It has received resounding success and is now riding the high tide in the property business. Our team is very supportive in making your property dealings smooth and hassle-free.

Mr.Nitin Lokhande


Mr.Abhay Chaudhar


Mr.Kiran Talware

Team Leader (East)

Mr.Santosh Naiknavare

Team Leader (East)

Mr. Vankamamudi Sri Raman

Branch Manager

Our Partners

We work with the best companies around the globe